Proctor360 has seen strong growth in 2022.  We’ve introduced several new features to our cloud-based remote proctoring platform, we’ve continued to make strides with customer acquisition, and our team is growing!  We’re proud to announce that we now have a full sales team of industry veterans who will enable us to achieve our sales goals.

Relatively few early stage EdTech companies can boast the level of traction we have already generated over the past two years.  We’ve acquired customers across Higher Education, Professional Certification, Corporate Enterprise, and the United States Government as we continue to prove that our technology offers a more secure, seamless approach to online test security.  

A major goal for our current funding round has been to expand our sales and marketing efforts so that we can effectively take advantage of all the opportunities in this growing market.  And over the past few months, we’ve put together a phenomenal sales team who bring experience from some of the biggest companies in testing technology.

Meet the Sales Team

Thomas Hansen - Global Sales Director

Tom Hansen

Tom joins Proctor360 after serving as Senior Account Executive for Scantron Corporation – one of the most established companies providing assessment solutions and technology for education, certification, and government agencies.  During his tenure, Tom generated millions of dollars in new sales and succeeded in growing Scantron's public sector market share while capturing customers from key competitors.  Prior to that, he spent 14 years at Data Recognition Corporation (DRC/CTB) as National Sales Manager where he transformed sales strategy and personally generated more than $31 million in new revenue.  His knowledge and experience in sales leadership within the testing technology space will enable Proctor360 to achieve substantial growth as our Global Sales Director.

David Hays - Western US Business Development Manager

Tom Hansen

David joined Proctor360 in Quarter 2 of this year after spending several years at multiple companies in the online testing industry in a customer success role.  He spent several years at ProctorU, one of the industry’s oldest and largest brands in remote proctoring, before moving to Questionmark– an enterprise-grade online assessment software company.  Most recently, he played a key role in the launch of MonitorEDU before joining our team.  David’s experience in online exam security and technology along with his past experience in an EdTech startup will no doubt contribute to Proctor360’s success going forward.

Michael McCullough - Eastern US Business Development Manager

Tom Hansen

Mike spent 11 years in EdTech as a Regional Sales Manager at OnCourse Learning, a Learning Management Platform serving enterprise financial institutions with online training in compliance, risk management, and professional development.  Thereafter, he was a Business Development Manager for Prometric, a key competitor in the remote proctoring industry.  His long professional experience informs his keen understanding of Proctor360’s unique value proposition and how to drive revenue growth through new customer acquisitions.

Ujjwal Pandey - International Business Development Manager

Tom Hansen

Ujjwal has enjoyed a dynamic career within the burgeoning EdTech market over the past several years, having held positions at upGrad (India’s largest Higher Ed online learning platform), Extramarks Education, and BYJU’s Think & Learn.  Ujjwal boasts a proven track record of success on the international stage developing new business and driving revenue growth within the EdTech industry.  A master at professional networking and identifying unique revenue opportunities with global organizations, his efforts are already paying dividends in his role as Proctor360’s International Business Development Manager.

Invest in Proctor360

Proctor360 is an emerging innovator in online exam security technology.  Our cloud-based platform provides a Software-as-a-Service solution to education institutions and professional testing centers that enables them to proctor online exams with complete security.  With fully configurable proctoring options that include AI-powered Auto Proctoring, Live Human Remote Proctoring, and our patent-pending “360 Total View” which uses 360° camera technology to capture a complete view of the remote testing environment, no competing company is as flexible, scalable, and secure.  Since 2020, Proctor360 has acquired customers across Higher Education, Professional Certification testing, corporate enterprise skills assessment, and government agencies - including the US Department of State.

Proctor360 currently has an active investment offering on Netcapital that is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors.  This offering represents an opportunity to invest at an early stage in a company that is actively generating revenue and achieving growth within EdTech– an industry projected to reach a global value of more than $400 billion in 2025.  All investment transactions are securely processed online by the Netcapital Funding Portal, a member of FINRA.

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